Here you can find various spare parts for your Wurlitzer.

If you don’ t find what you want, don’ t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Please contact us to check the availability of spare parts at our showroom, shipping and timing to receive the desired items.


Key weight mod: € 1.30 each.

Wurlitzer leg feet: € 12.00 each.

Wurlitzer music rack: € 75.00

Wurlitzer back logo: € 29.00

Wurlitzer faceplate: € 45.00

Paper shim for Wurlitzer piano, 3 sizes: €10.00

Reeds for Wurlitzer piano: €39.00 (used)

New old stock: €50,00

Chrome replica legs: €160.00

Wurlitzer Keys: €22.00

European Socket for  Wurlitzer piano: €6.00

Wurlitzer knobs: €34.00

 Wurlitzer Hammer: €19.00

Speakers for Wurlitzer model 200A: €129.00

New old stock: €199,00.

Sustain pedal for  Wurlitzer piano: €239.00