Here you can find various spare parts for your Hammond organ.

If you don’ t find what you want, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Please contact us to check the spare parts available at the warehouse, shipping and timing to receive the desired objects.

Bass Pedal felt strip: €49.00

Run switch:  €59.00

Hammond B-3 Line Box (replica model, price excluded socket and amphenol): € 69.00

Pedal pusher: €19.00

Panel screws for Hammond organs models B, C, RT, D and more…..available in bronze and gold colour:  € 50.00 kit of 2.

Back panel for Hammond RT-3: € 149.00

Complete tab set for Hammond L-series:  € 199.00

Set of Hammond keyboard L-series  with drawbars: € 349.00

Drawbars set for Hammond L-series:  €79.00

Plate for switches, start-run: €35.00

Music stand for Hammond M3, M2. Raw state material, easy to paint or, on request, we can paint it with all original colors: €69.00

Start-run plate for Hammond console: €99.00

Lamp for Hammond organs: €25.00

Reverb Amplifier for A-100 model  ( tubes not included ): €120.00

Synchronous motor 117 V, 60 Hz for Hammond generator series B, C, A100,M etc..: €89.

Flywheel generator for Hammond series B, C, A100, M, etc..: €49.00

Start switch for L-models: €29.00

Hammond generator screws with original vintage spacers: set of 4 pieces: €15.00

Springs for Tonewhell generator: set of 4 pieces: €15.00

Complete set of drawbars for Hammond BV, CV, B2, C2 and many more. NO smooth model: €95.

Drawbars set for Hammond M3: €119.00
Drawbars set for Hammond L-series:  € 79.00

25 notes pedals keyboard for Hammond organ models: B, C, A, RT, H, E and many others.
Pedals keyboard without  heel rest: €179.00
Pedals keyboard with heel rest: € 199.00

Set of spring for various original Hammond models: contact us for availability and costs.

Various kits for Hammond series L, percussion, H-AO-42, etc. Contact us for various models . Prices starting from: € 99.00

Various tablets available for Hammond models M100, series L100 . Reverb tablet, vibrato, percussion, soft volume etc.. Price starting from € 49.00

Percussion tablet for Hammond M100, series L100: € 59.00

Percussion tablet Hammond series B, C, M: €139.00

Terminal line for Hammond organ generator €24.00

Vibrato scanner for Hammond series M : € 99.00

Spring screws for Hammond organ generator. Kit of 4: € 4.00

Starter motor. L-Series  € 159.00 – With capacitor included: €170

Start for Hammond Console model € 19.00

Upstop and downstop felts for keyboards (Console model).
Upstop felt: € 17.00 / downstop felt:  €23.00

American power cord: €22.00

Red caps kit for Hammond B3, C3, A100 etc.: €109.00

Leslie speaker cables  5,6,9,11 pin
From 4 to 5 meters: € 80.00 –
Over 5 meters: € 100.00

Starter motor for Hammond B3, C3, M3, M100 etc.: € 99.00 for 117 volts, €129,00 for 234 volts.

Waterfall keys for B3, C3, A100 etc . €12.00 Final key “C”:  €15.00
For more keys ask for availability and discounted prices.

Vintage spinet keys € 9.00 – final key “C”: €12.00
For more keys ask for availability and discounted prices.

Brown and black expression pedal mat.
Black:  €10.00
Brown:  €14.0

Screws for Hammond top panel- Kit of 4:  €12.00

Hammond tubes: contact us for prices, availability and delivery times

EZ81 12BH7 12AX7 12AU7 6C4 6BQ5 6AU6

Hammond Amplifier L-series: the device is totally recapped and we have changed the socket for the 12BH7 tube….perfect!!!
Contact us to have more pics.: € 169.00

Amplifier for Hammond A100 series H-AO39 €149.00