Hammond Organs:

We carry any kind of repair, modifications, instrument customization on your specifications, Hammond chopped in a variety of customized solutions to satisfy all your needs and requests.



We can modified  your Leslie to make it easy portable without ever going to subtract sound quality or aesthetics.

Our Leslie are completely restored with all authentic and quality parts. Our rebuilding process is made to let your instrument have a longstanding life on the road or in studio.



Our Leslie can be delivered on your specific request completely restored also for aesthetic aspect.







Rhodes Pianos:




Specific restorations for your mythical Rhodes piano.
Possibility of total restoration and rebuild:
Hammer Tips, Damper Felts, Tines, Tonebars, Original pick-up, harp repositioning, tuning, keyboard realignment, tolex cleaning, tolex replacement and many more on-demand services.





Wurlitzer Piano:

We can recapped the amplifier with new capacitors, reeds replacement and original, tuning, carter cleaning, Wurlitzer logo insertion, and much more.










Within this small photo gallery you will find some examples of revisions, functional and aesthetic repairs made to both our and our customers’ instruments.