Hammond B3 with Leslie 122 or 147 (possibility of 2 leslie matched):

We rent for different live sessions and recording studios both Hammond B3 or Leslie 122, equipped with bench and pedals, reverb, roll or kari for transport, and various accessories on request.



clavinet D6 2




Clavinet D-6. On request, it’s possible to have it matched with multi-effect pedals.










Leslie 122 Chopped: 

Available for your recordings in the studio or for your live concerts, Leslie 122 chopped (split version) split into 2 pieces in order to make the transport easier and more comfortable.
It can be used with Vintage Hammond or with Hammond clone.




suitcase per sito



Fender Rhodes:
Possibility to rent Fender Rhodes piano both in the stage version and suitcase model (with speaker).
Model Rhodes Mark 1 73 keys.



wurli per sito




Wurlitzer Piano:
Great Wurlitzer model 200A, complete with legs and pedal.




Rhodes Piano Mark 2, seventy-three version, complete with legs, pedal and on request original pre-amplifier with vibrato and tone controls.






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