Various Leslie models available: 122, 147, 142, 145, 251, 770, 760, 147RV, 122RV, 770, 760, 830, 722, …..and many others


The Organ Studio Italia’s portable Leslie, allows the musician to carry his instrument without losing sound quality, despite the Leslie cabinet being split into 2 parts.


Various valvular Leslie and transistor available. Matched to Hammond console organs, spinets and other organs. Do you want to match it to your clone????? No problem. We provide valvular preamplifiers just to make your clone better. We modify it to make it portable. Contact us for information and curiosity.


European Leslie 770 at 230 volts current, is delivered completely revised. You can also have the original Combo Pre Amp II pedal with speed controls and preamplifier.

Tone Cabinet PR-40

Tone cabinet PR- 40. This amplifier was born for non-amplified Hammond organs like B-3, C-3 and other. The PR -40 is certainly the Hammond amplifier with static cones the best of the series. Equipped with cones of 15’ and 12’ and has spring inside reverb. Mint condition.



There are available several tone cabinets .....PR-40, PR-20, HR-40. Contact us for any information.

Hammond Tone Cabinet PR40 #

One of the many inimitable Hammond tone cabinets available in our laboratory with a very attractive price.

Leslie 760

A truly charming design perfectly mixed with warm and powerful tones, this Leslie will please all of your demands... it will not disappoint you.

Leslie 145 #2

MADE IN U.K. It perfectly works and it\'s good-looking too!

Leslie 825

One of the \"babies\" from the Leslie collection. The 825 model is different from the other models because it has just one wide band cone. We can give it to you with the preamplified pedal too. Directly from U.S.A. it also sounds great with other instruments, not just with the hammond organ.

Leslie 125 #2

Leslie 125 valvular model. This Leslie has just one rotor, 12\'cone and the matching with L, M, T model is truly interesting. Aesthetically amazing too.

Leslie 21H

Perfect conditions... totally revised in every part. You could match it with one of the hundred of Hammond available

Leslie 125

This is a valvular model with one rotor, 20 Watt, 12\' cone. Great matching with Hammond spinet model.

Leslie 710

9 Pin connector, chance to have the preamplified pedal for clones, or matching with Hammond organs. More than one available... Contact us.

Leslie 710

Leslie model 710 ... connector 9 pin. There\'s also the chance of having the pre-amplifier pedal for clones and also the matching with a real Hammond organ. More than one available...contact us.

Leslie 760N

Transistor model, made in Netherland. The elements of this Leslie are exactly the same as the Leslie 122, 147, 145, 142 and similar. It\'s different thanks to amplified part. Great sound for an instrument with a very good quality-price ratio.

Leslie 145

Amazing Leslie model 145 made in U.K. The instrument is delivered covered by warranty for 12 months and totally revised. O-ring in new motors, new grommets set. We totally disassemble and clean up this instrument. Revised valvular amplifier with new electrolytic condensers in the power source. The driver membrane is recentered in order to get more precision in tones

Leslie 147 RV

\"RV\" means that this Leslie has also a valvular reverb. Aesthetically perfect just like its mechanicals. Ready to be played.

Leslie 145 walnut revised

Classic finishing for this Leslie 145 model from the U.K. Do you want to match this with an American Hammond organ? No problem, we will satisfy your desires.

Leslie 22H dark walnut

Amazing Leslie, high quality! We have converted this to 122 (slow and fast motors). We deliver this to you covered by warranty for 12 months, and shiny too!

Leslie 900

Leslie 900 in vinyl, in excellent condition, revised and guaranteed for one year.

Leslie 142

Another of our leslie completely restored and ready to be used by you. We are waiting for you in our laboratory to help you realize your dream.

Leslie 122

Leslie 122 completely restored and overhauled. To be seen!!!

Leslie 122 N #

Leslie 122 N producted in Holland. Very nice and under servicing in our laboratory.

Leslie 21H modificato a 147

An impeccable instrument of the highest quality. This leslie 21H has been modified with 147 tube amp and double speed motors.

Leslie 145

Leslie 145 in excellent aesthetic condition and under review. This is one of the many leslie available in our laboratory.

LESLIE 710 made in USA

Produced in the USA, andin excellent condition. We have the possibility to supply it with both American and European voltage. Its original driver, model V-21, makes it the inimitable sound of the vintage Leslie.

Leslie 710 made in USA

Aesthetically very beautiful, the 710 model is part of the Rotosonic series, with additional static cones. Want to learn more about the features of this Leslie? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to talk about it with you. Excellent value for money.

Leslie 145

Leslie 145, an inimitable classic with an unmistakable sound. Come and try it!

Leslie 145 uk

Great Leslie model 145, made in U.K. The instrument is delivered with 12 months warranty and completely revised. O-rings for new engines. Kit of rubber pads with replaced rotors (grommets set). Complete disassembly and cleaning of all parts. Motor oiling. Revised tube amp with new electrolytic capacitors in the power section. V-21 driver membrane re-centered for sound accuracy .....

Leslie 147 uk

Spectacular!!! Almost like new, we deliver it completely overhauled and with a 12-month warranty.

Leslie 771

Leslie 771 Transistor, perfect, powerful, Hammond-Suzuki production from the 90s. Compatible with B3, C3, M3 etc.

Leslie 145 Dark Walnut

145 UK in dark walnut. Complete with its original components, woofer mod Jensen c15L and driver Jensen V21.

Leslie 760N

Leslie transistor model produced in the Netherlands. The components of this model are exactly the same as those of the Leslie 122, 147, 145, 142 and similar. It differs from the valve models in its amplification part. Great sound for an instrument with a remarkable quality-price ratio.

Leslie 251 *

Amazing Leslie 251 in excellent aesthetic conditions. Come and visit us in our laboratory and you can choose the right instrument for you from the more than 140 Hammond organs available, leslie of all types and much more. We are waiting for you.

Leslie 760 #2 *

This Small sized version of the 760 standard is in excellent aesthetic conditions. Complete with preamplified pedal to be played with any type of clone. Under rebuilt

Leslie 760 *

Classic 760 model produced in Europe. The Leslie is delivered including total revision and warranty. The driver has been replaced. Interesting price.

Leslie 145 light walnut *

This UK\'s leslie 145 is one of the many Leslie available in our laboratory. On Rebuilt

Leslie 145 dark walnut *

Another beautiful 145 waiting to be rebuilted.

Leslie 145 vinyl

Leslie 145. Delivered rebuilted and guaranteed 12 months. Suitable for any Hammond or Clone organ added with a pre amplifier.

Leslie 251 #

Leslie 251 Walnut Mint Condition!!!

Leslie 31 H #

Just arrived!!! The 31H is one of the first produced by Leslie, also known as the Tall Boy. Under Servicing in our laboratory.

Leslie 51#

Really beautiful this Leslie 51 just arrived from USA. Under servicing and modified to 251 double speed.

Leslie 45 #

Yet another cool fresh arrival from the States! A beautiful Leslie 45 under servicing and modified to 145 double speed.

Leslie 145 #

Leslie 145 arrived from the United States, aesthetically very beautiful with new finishing frames. Under servicing and available in our laboratory.

Leslie 122 #

Another new arrival from America, Leslie 122 in excellent aesthetic condition. Under servicing in our laboratory.

Leslie 145 #

Another great American Leslie who has just arrived in our laboratory. Under servicing and modification to 145 Double speed.

Leslie 251ˆ#

Leslie 251 available in our showroom. Under servicing

Leslie 251 #

Another Leslie 251 available in our showroom. Under servicing.

leslie 122 #

Very beautiful and in mint condition this 122 is available in our laboratory under servicing.

Leslie 247 #

With a unique and minimal design, Leslie 247 available in our laboratory under servicing.

Leslie 122 rv #

In excellent aesthetic condition this Leslie 122 RV. The abbreviation RV indicates that the unit is equipped with a separate tube amplifier for reverberation. Under servicing.