Here you can find several spare parts for your Leslie.

It you don’ t find what you need, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

We can tell you the availability of spare parts at our warehouse, shipping and timing to receive the desired objects.


Leslie Grommet (lower rotor). Pair of spare rubber pads for the lower rotor. Sold in pairs for €5.00

kit with the stop position added for various Leslie models. Click on “data sheet 3” to see the subject specifications – €50.00

Quartz frequency converter with sinusoidal curve. Click on “data sheet 2” to see the subject specifications €150.00

Leslie digital control unit : it allows you to convert the motors to slow and fast speeds. Click on “data sheet 1” to see the subject specification €99.00

Amplifier connection cables Leslie motors €19.00

Adhesive label for final Leslie 147 – €5.00

Adhesive label for final Leslie 122 – €5.00

Adhesive label for half moon chorale-tremolo €3.00

Adhesive label for half moon, main-ensemble-echo €3.00

Connector for Leslie (connection crossover) €8.00

Horn for Leslie €75.00

Relay for speed change Leslie amplifier €12.00

Various kits available to connect Hammond to Leslie models available, 122,142, 147, 145, 760, etc..
Contact us to know the costs according to the model chosen.

Simple speed motor for Leslie 45, 47, with the possibility of applying an extra card to switch then to 2 speeds € 49.00 (excluding the card).

Leslie panel screws in kit of 13 €25.00

Axis support for lower replica axis €25.00

Driver Jensen V21, with or without Horn support flange. Contact us for availability and prices.

Half moon control Leslie.
Available choral tremolo (for Leslie speed change) and echo-main (for diffuser selector).

Amphenol male 5,6,11 pin €22.00 – with cover €28.00
Amphenol male 9 pin €25.00 – with cover €31.00

Amphenol female 5,6,11 pin €22.00 – with cover € 28.00

Amphenol female 9 pin €25.00 – with cover € 31.00

Rotator axis lower replica €99.00

Crossover for Leslie replica €99.00

Leslie bearing lower €19.00

Potentiometer for Leslie knob €7.00

Mercotac for Leslie “ Rotosonic” €59.00

Slow starter for Leslie motors €95.00

O-ring for upper and lower motor €5.00 single – €7.00 the pair.

Rotor replica for Leslie €119.00

Pulleys to adapt the speed to 50 Hz €45.00

Screws for top panel. Sold in 4 screws €12.00

Belt tensioner for Leslie €43.00

Leslie control kit for various models: 122, 147, 760, etc…. contact us, we will let you know the price of the model.

Rubbers for Upper Motor €5.00 couple

Rubbers for lower rotor €5.00 couple

Original Leslie motors, supplied with replaced and revised o-rings €220.00 single , €400.00 couple.

Universal pedal keyboard trek II. Check Leslie’ s 6,9,11 pin . Possibility to order it at both 117 V. and 220 volts €499.00

Lower rotor belt €22.00
Upper rotor belt € 20.00

OC3 valve for Leslie: contact us for prices and availability

6550 valves for Leslie: contact us for prices and availability

Valves for final Leslie: contact us for prices and availability

Membrane for driver Jensen V21 €69.00