Wurlitzer 140

There are not many........ not just in Italy....... Electric valvular Wurlitzer 140 piano. Complete with bench and legs (undiscoverable). The keyboard is perfect and is completely original

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Sideman 5000 light walnut

Electronic and valvular drum by Wurlitzer. A very particular instrument with a unique sound. Contact us.

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Sideman 5000

Drum machine Wurlitzer’s house. Great in every part. The piano is for real collectors.!!!!!

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Wurlitzer 214A *

The Wurlitzer 214A is one of the flagship pianos of the 200A family. The substantial differences between this model and a 206 are the 4 8 '' cones rather than the classic 2 ovoid cones. The vibrato circuit and the addition of wheels to transport it easily make it a very complete instrument.

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Wurlitzer 300 *

Very rare !!! A particularly rare Wurlitzer produced only for the European market and in particular the English one (around the beginning of 1973), with an attractive console type style and based on the 200 model. Undergoing revision.

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Wurlitzer 140b *

Many musicians claim that the iconic sound of the Wurlitzer® 140B is absolutely the most vibrant, the most enveloping electric piano sound that has ever dominated radio waves. The "Wurli" was made between 1954 and the 1980s and used a metal core, small blades that hit the hammers by a true piano action. In an attempt to improve them, Wurlitzer went through four different rods again. The 140B, produced in 1962, was the first solid-state model. Under rebuilt.

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Wurlitzer 120 *

The Wurlitzer 120 is a vintage portable electric piano from the 1950s. Ray Charles is known to have used a Wurlitzer 120 in his recordings, such as "What I Say" and "Unchain My Heart". In excellent aesthetic condition and under rebuilt

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Wurlitzer 145 *

Here is a beautiful fully valvestate Wurlitzer 145 . In excellent aesthetic condition and undergoing revision. It is particularly quiet for a valvular model. Original legs and sustain pedal included. A special addition to any musician's home or studio.

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Wurlitzer 206a *

Wurlitzer Piano 206a complete with the original vibrato. Under rebuilt.

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