Korg Polysix

This wonderful korg synth has been completely overhauled and is sold with a one year warranty. The exterior has small and inevitable signs of aging typical of a vintage instrument like this, but the general aesthetic conditions are really excellent. Perfect ..... ready to use.

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Oberheim Matrix 6

Oberheim matrix 6. Nothin more to say. The synthesizer has very elegant custom wood side panels but it also has its original classics. Complete with user manual and disks with patch and technical manual. Superb

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Roland Jupiter 4 Rev-E

The legendary arpeggiator Roland Jupiter 4 - Rev E Serial Number 952895

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Moog voyager OS

Moog Voyager OS in mint condition!!!

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Korg MS-20 Korg SQ-10

A historical synth which doesn't need presentations. Really handy, versatile and with a unique sound. This synth achieves its full potential combined with its sequencer model SQ-10.

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Korg Sigma #

The Korg Sigma is a monophonic analog synthesizer made in Japan in 1979. It is a largely underestimated vintage synthesizer because it is not widespread. His electric organ look has certainly caused the participation in its commercial non-success? But when the ears are open, the SIGMA proves it is a synthesizer with a very strong personality and expressiveness! It is also a sound designer secret weapon. The Korg Sigma offers two distinct sections: the SYNTHE section and the INSTRUMENT section. Both sections are mixable and each have their separate audio output. The SYNTHE section offers several stackable waveforms, each waveform has a setting: some have a combined ATTACK/RELEASE adjustment, some have a DECAY adjustment ... The INSTRUMENT part offers 11 different sounds. These are the "typical" analog sounds from the late 70s; As for the SYNTHE section, each INSTRUMENT sounds has an adjustment, some propose an ATTACK adjustment, some offer filter adjustment, others offer TONE adjustment... As in the SYNTHE section, all the INSTRUMENT sounds are stackable. There is also a very good sounding RING MOD that can be influenced by every sounds source of the synth. The left side of the control panel is the section called "EFFECT". It offer more functions to change the sound: OCTAVE UP, DOWN OCTAVE, PORTAMENTO, HOLD KEY, MULTIPLE TRIGGER. Leveling of the VIBRATO... The SIGMA Level of expressiveness is very interesting: Two joystick, one for the Pitch and Vibrato, another for the LPF and HPF adjustment of the SYNTHE section. A KEYB SENSOR function to add Vibrato or PITCH UP or DOWN PITCH to the sounds. (The KEYB SENSOR is a kind of AFTERTOUCH; Reminder: the aftertouch is the ability to change a setting with the force exerted on the keyboard.) The Korg Sigma's sound is original, knowing being aggressive with a filter sharped like a sashimi knife, or knowing to sounds gentle with other filter settings. An important point in this time of modular synths resurgence, the Korg Sigma has CV GATE inputs and outputs, with for example a FM VCO input and a SYNTHE VCF FcM input ..

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Korg Lambda ES-50 #

Beautiful, rebuilted and ready to use for your recording studio or your live shows. Korg Lambda ES-50 model from the late '70s in really excellent aesthetic conditions and perfect in all its functions. Complete with elegant and safe padded soft case. 12 months warranty.

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Korg MS-20 mini

MS-20 mini is a perfect replica of the MS-20. The design team was led by the same engineers who produced the original in 1978. The synthesis structure is the same as that of the MS-20: the MS-20 mini has two oscillators with ring modulation, envelope generators, hold and delay. The VCA has been optimized to generate less noise than the original model, without however changing its basic structure.

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Korg ms 20

Vintage Korg MS 20 synthesizer in excellent cosmetic condition, revised and guaranteed for one year.

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Arturia Matrix brute

Virtually like new. never left our lab. MatrixBrute is a powerful analogue synthesizer with three Brute oscillators, ladder and Steiner-Parker filter, three envelopes, analog effects and a powerful and versatile modulation matrix.

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Yamaha Mo XF6 *

Incredible workstation with an impressive soundset and computer connectivity More than 256 performances to turn on your musical inspiration 61-key semi-weighted keyboard Effects Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) 7981 arpeggiator models and interactive arpeggio motor 4 parts Complete sequencer (step recording included) Integrated 4-In / 2-Out MIDI / USB Audio Interface Bundled with YC-3B Organ Emulator soft synth, Prologue analog synth and Cubase AI7 Advanced integration with Mac / PC Dimensions: 1030 x H125 x 358mm Weight: 7.1kg The instrument is located in our laboratory for any test, held on consignment for one of our customers.

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M-Audio Oxygen 88 *

The Oxygen M-Audio USB and MIDI master keyboard with 88 keys is a weighted keyboard with gradual action, for an extremely realistic touch, equipped with 32 assignable MIDI controls (8 knobs, 9 faders, 15 buttons), transport buttons and track selection , transpose and octave buttons, pitch wheels and modulation. Furthermore, this powerful Piano controller is equipped with a 3-digit LED display, 10 memory locations, DirectLink mode for native Pro Tools control and the most common DAW applications, MIDI out port and power supply via USB port. The instrument is located in our laboratory for any test, held on consignment for one of our customers.

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Korg X2 *

The X2 was introduced in 1993 and was considered a further expansion from the T and O series of synthesizers. The X2 is a 76-key workstation with 8 MB ROM samples with space for expansion via ROM and RAM cards. It features 200 programs, 200 combinations and a multitrack MIDI sequencer with 10 tracks and 16 tracks. There are also 2 multi-effect processors to add effects. It also has the X / Y joystick and a backlit LCD screen. The instrument is located in our laboratory for any test, held on consignment for one of our customers.

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