Korg Polysix

This wonderful korg synth has been completely overhauled and is sold with a one year warranty. The exterior has small and inevitable signs of aging typical of a vintage instrument like this, but the general aesthetic conditions are really excellent. Perfect ..... ready to use.

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Oberheim Matrix 6

Oberheim matrix 6. Nothin more to say. The synthesizer has very elegant custom wood side panels but it also has its original classics. Complete with user manual and disks with patch and technical manual. Superb

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Roland Jupiter 4 Rev-E

The legendary arpeggiator Roland Jupiter 4 - Rev E Serial Number 952895

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Moog voyager OS

Moog Voyager OS in mint condition!!!

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Korg MS-20 Korg SQ-10

A historical synth which doesn't need presentations. Really handy, versatile and with a unique sound. This synth achieves its full potential combined with its sequencer model SQ-10.

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Korg MS-20 mini

MS-20 mini is a perfect replica of the MS-20. The design team was led by the same engineers who produced the original in 1978. The synthesis structure is the same as that of the MS-20: the MS-20 mini has two oscillators with ring modulation, envelope generators, hold and delay. The VCA has been optimized to generate less noise than the original model, without however changing its basic structure.

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Korg ms 20

Vintage Korg MS 20 synthesizer in excellent cosmetic condition, revised and guaranteed for one year.

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Arturia Matrix brute

Virtually like new. never left our lab. MatrixBrute is a powerful analogue synthesizer with three Brute oscillators, ladder and Steiner-Parker filter, three envelopes, analog effects and a powerful and versatile modulation matrix.

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Doepfer many possibilities, with this sequencer you will be able to create and test new sounds and easily move from a music genre to another.

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