Yamaha CP 70 B

Yamaha cp 70b piano under revision available in our laboratory, excellent aesthetic condition.

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Various Rhodes pianos available. We import these fantastic instruments from the United States. Contact us to let us know your request and we will be happy to help you

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Rhodes Student model

Rhodes Student model, a very rare item!

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Rhodes Mark 2 Seventy-three

A classic one... wood keyboard with precise action. It has also the bench and the pedal and its top case for the transport. We deliver this to you ready for your studio recording.

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Rhodes student model #3

This is too rare! Original in every part! This model is part of the Fender era, high level manufacturing and unique tones. Do you want to try this? Give it a shot...come to visit us.

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Rhodes suitcase Mark 2 Seventy-three

MINT CONDITION! Rhodes Mark 2, 73 keys from 1980. Totally revised with the new original Fender tolex, chromed hardware and other details that gives it truly perfect aesthetic conditions.

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Hohner Bass

A rare Piano Bass of Hohner House. Contact us for any information.

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Roland RD 500

Amazing piano by Roland. This is an important piece in the digital piano world. Low price and high quality.

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Rhodes mark 1 - 88 tasti #2

Rhodes Mark 1 88 model. All the electronic part will be restored as in the original. The instrument is in impeccable condition .... rare to find in this condition.

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Rhodes Suitcase mark 2 - 73 model

MINT CONDITION !!! Rhodes Mark 2, 73 keys from the 15th week of 1980. Completely restored with the new original Fender tolex, chromed hardware, and other aesthetic details that make it a perfect instrument.

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Rhodes Mk 1 - 73 model

How many times have you dreamed of getting your hands on the instrument played by the best musicians in the world? With us you will have the chance to experience this wonderful feeling by getting your hands on our legendary Rhodes Piano completely revised and set according to your personal taste. We are waiting for you.

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Fender Rhodes Mark 1 - 73 model

Spectacular Fender Rhodes Piano Mk.1 73 model. The history of music is here waiting for you.

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Dexibell vivo S9

The Dexibell S9 is the leading instrument in the Dexibell Stage range and follows in the footsteps of the popular S1, S3 and S7 keyboards. The S9 retains all the features of the S series, including the sound source for electric piano and T2L piano, and adds the powerful tonewheel organ engine of the J7 combo organ

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Rhodes Mark 1,  model 88

In excellent aesthetic and mechanical conditions, awaiting complete revision, this mark 1 88 is the dream of every musician. Come and live the legend

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Rhodes Mark 1 - 88 model #2

This mark 1 88 keys is just one of the many Rhodes Pianos you can find in our laboratory, all in excellent condition and undergoing a complete overhaul. Come and choose yours and, listening to your needs, we will be happy to deliver you an instrument perfectly tailored on you.

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