Various Leslie models available: 122, 147, 142, 145, 251, 770, 760, 147RV, 122RV, 770, 760, 830, 722, …..and many others


The Organ Studio Italia’s portable Leslie, allows the musician to carry his instrument without losing sound quality, despite the Leslie cabinet being split into 2 parts.

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Leslie 145 made in U.K.

The Leslie 145 is English. It is perfect. This model is in perfect conditions and its inside parts have no defects. Revised and guaranteed.

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Various valvular Leslie and transistor available. Matched to Hammond console organs, spinets and other organs. Do you want to match it to your clone????? No problem. We provide valvular preamplifiers just to make your clone better. We modify it to make it portable. Contact us for information and curiosity.

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Leslie 760 RARE VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!

MINT CONDITIONS. European Leslie 760 . In this version is lower. Very difficult to find. It’s like new!!!!!!!

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European Leslie 770 at 230 volts current, is delivered completely revised. You can also have the original Combo Pre Amp II pedal with speed controls and preamplifier.

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Model Viking 70 valvular Leslie, 70 watts of power. Portable version........ Contact us for any curiosity and specification.

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Tone Cabinet PR-40

Tone cabinet PR- 40. This amplifier was born for non-amplified Hammond organs like B-3, C-3 and other. The PR -40 is certainly the Hammond amplifier with static cones the best of the series. Equipped with cones of 15’ and 12’ and has spring inside reverb. Mint condition.

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There are available several tone cabinets .....PR-40, PR-20, HR-40. Contact us for any information.

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