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B3, C3, CV, M3, A100, A102, A105, M111, M101, M143 and much more……… Contact us for any information, availability and new arrivals. More than 100 Hammonds in stock…………..

Hammond BV. SN 28350

Organ model BV, complete with bench and pedal keyboard, under revision. At the request of the client can be added the percussion kit and the restoration of the cabinet.

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Hammond Universal B3 portable by ORGAN STUDIO ITALIA. You don’t want to give up the true vintage tone that only a Hammond organ vintage can give you? Hammond Universal B3 is the resulting mix of easy transportability and unchanged true vintage sound with that feeling that only the king of organs can give. Do you find it CURIOUS? Look inside this page for some of our newborns or come and visit us to try it.

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Universal M3

Here it is! this is the Hammond Universal M3 by Organ Studio Italia. The “small” and “portable” version of legendary M3. Made from an original Hammond M3, is delivered in different finishes: black, light walnut wood, dark walnut wood, cherry wood colour. There is the possibility of having the system FOLD BACK for repetition of the harmonics on the top manual. Filtered and recalibrated generator, preamplifier with new capacitors in the power supply, new felts to the keyboard, revision drawbars, tab and much more. The pedal keyboard is original , in Well Swell Pedal version (look at the data sheet on our site or in version Universal B3.... usually system of expression). On request : reverb, padded case with logo, fold back transpose and kit for your Leslie.

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Hammond B-3 e 2 Leslie 147 matched (Not for sell).

Incredible. This is one of the first Hammond B3 that was made in the Chicago factory. The assembly started at the end of 1954. We have looked after every aesthetic and mechanical appearance. Would you like to have a vintage Hammond fully restored in our lab? This is one of the many examples of the result you could get.

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Hammond B-3 & Leslie 145 Matched.

More unique than rare!!! The conservation status of these two instruments is incredible. Fully original and perfectly functional. There are no words to describe the level of perfection of this unmatched couple

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Hammond A-105 e Leslie 21H

MINT CONDITIONS!!!!! Perfect in every aspect. The sound is powerful and precise, typical of the end of series Hammond organ. Revised in every part. Read the details in photos in this gallery.

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The restoration!!!... This is an example of an Hammond organ restored by us in all of its parts. Hammond organ are at last 40 years old and considering their age it requires an accurate work of restoration. In our lab you can find passion and respect for this inimitable instrument, that , after decades, keeps us dreaming. Look at some photos of our restoration

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Maple wood Hammond A-100. Very rare. The organ is complete with bench and pedal keyboard. Guaranteed 12 months and totally revised (preamplifier, keyboards, vibrato scanner, the generator) etc...1974 is the year of production. The sound is powerful and decisive....

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Hammond C-3. SN 65757

Have you ever dreamed of a Hammond C3? The “four leaved” C3 , is the model for you. Completely restored and revised in every part. All our console are delivered with: keyboards with new felts, vibrato scanner completely disassembled and revised, tabs and drawbars revision, valve preamplifier revision with new electrolytic capacitors in the power supply ( converted for our network frequency), and much more.....OF YOUR NEW HAMMOND ORGAN YOU WILL RECEIVE ALL THE PHOTOS OF THE WORK IN PROGRESS AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO LIVE WITH US THE MOMENTS OF REBIRTH OF YOUR VINTAGE INSTRUMENT.!!!!!

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Hammond C-3. SN 59974

This Hammond C3 “four leaved” is one of the first examples of this series. Class 1955. Therefore.... no foam inside the keyboards and the braid’s wires of the keyboards are lined with cotton. The Hammond organ manufacturing of this time is among the best ever. Fully restored instrument in every detail. Contact us for any information or curiosity.

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Hammond BC. SN 6570

The Hammond BC in walnut wood, is a organ from the ‘40s, complete with bench and pedal keyboard. It’s possible , on request, add the percussion kit. It will be delivered completely revised and with warranty. Contact us for any information.

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Hammond C-2. SN 38926

Hammond C-2 “four –leaved” , complete with bench and pedal keyboard and , during the revision, we’ll add the percussion kit. Fully revised in all of its parts, if you want we can restore the cabinet , too. It’s possible to match various types of Leslie and tone cabinet PR-40.

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Hammond L-112. SN 62113

Under the same conditions as the new bench and music sheet holder. It is not usual to see an American Hammond model L- 112. This instrument is distinguished by the particular elegance of the cabinet. Even internally the organ is in excellent conditions. Please contact us before it’s too late!!!

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Hammond C-3. SN 79296

It doesn’t need many presentations, because this Hammond C3 is certainly a very high level instrument. Its keyboards are precise and very silent. The sound is “ round” and well defined. Revised and guaranteed 12 mouths. Complete with bench and pedal keyboard...... Why don’t you come and try it?

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Hammond E-312. SN 11109

A 5 octave console with some small features. The model E 312, is the right compromise between a console and a cheaper price. The instrument is complete of pedal keyboard and bench. Contact us for any information.

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Hammond B-2. SN 53985

You can see an organ B-2 under revision. It is equipped with smooth drawbars and the percussion kit will also be added. Opportunity to combine it with Leslie of various kinds. Complete with bench and pedals keyboard. Do you have a vintage used instrument to exchange? Contact us to evaluate any option.

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Several models of Hammond organ M-3 available. Warranty and full revision frequency converter, current transformer, new keyboard felts, vibrato scanner disassembled and revised, oiled and generator control preamplifier with new electrolytic capacitors, tabs and drawbars revised. Contact us for information, prices, exchange and any other curiosity which Leslie can match.

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An Hammond organ that is not seen every day!!!! The T-243 is distinguished by all the models of the “T” series for having the cherry wood cabinet, thanks to its fine finishes too. This organ is of USA production, at 117 volts, converted to European hertz. Possibility to match with many types of Leslie.

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Hammond A-100. SN 39852

MINT CONDITIONS!!!!!! The A-100 is complete with bench and pedal keyboard (you can’t see them in the photo) , and in excellent condition. We deliver it to you converted to 50 hertz. Revised and polished. Do you want to find the best suited Hammond for you? At the Organ Studio Italia you can choose from about a hundred copies available. We wait for you in our new show room.

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A classic of Hammond organs, the C-3 of English manufacturing reminds us of the British sound made known by the great as Jon Lord Keith Emerson and others. Class 1968, mounts on the generator and on the line of vibrato the condensers RED CAPS. Powerful sound and great character......

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Hammond M-143

Beautiful and elegant. The Hammond M-143, thanks to its cherry wood cabinet and its special finishes, it is one of organs series M, , the most beloved. It is in cherry wood and equipped with music sheet holder. Contact us for information and prices

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Here is another beautiful Hammond A-102 complete with bench and pedal keyboard. Cherry wood cabinet converted to 220 volts and 50 hertz. The instrument is delivered fully revised in every part. Shortly there will be many more photos. Please contact us for a preview.

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Hammond L-122S

Hammond L-122 S with sustain on the bass’ pedal keyboard . Great aesthetic conditions and it really plays over the top. Perfect matched with Leslie 760.

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Hammond H-112

Hammond H-112 complete with bench and pedal keyboard (you can’t see it in the photo). Under revision. Great instrument with 2 manuals, each 5 octaves and preset. A complete instrument with a lower price than the well-known consoles.

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Hammond M-3 #2

Booker T. has made it know to all the enthusiasts of this mythical instrument. The Hammond M-3, thanks to its keyboards, scanner vibrato, percussion and much more, it is without doubt the king of the “small cut” Hammond.

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Hammond L-122F OAK (Made in U.K.)

The Hammond M-162 is considered by many a small C-3. No doubt, this name is because its cabinet has a very similar design to that of the console. Besides, this model has very rare, strictly original colour. Of English manufacture, is delivered revised and with warranty. All of our instruments are revised in order to deliver the fully functioning instrument.

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It is a model used by Tony Banks , Genesis. Model T has the particularity of having the tone generator, but the amplifier part is transistor, not valvular. Particular tone, so great personality, has always the Hammond voice. Tony Banks with his band Genesis, has marked a timeless age with this jewel.

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Hammond M-3 Cherry Wood

Wonderful !!!!! Very rare.... Hammond M-3 in cherry wood, complete with bench and music sheet holder. Excellent aesthetic conditions. The sound is really good..... Revision and warranty included. We can provide photos and information at will.

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Hammond organ M-3 , is American manufacturing. Converted to 220 volts and 50 hertz. Complete with bench. The instrument is delivered fully revised and with warranty. Its aesthetics is excellent, too. Shortly there will be more photos available. Contact us!!!!!!

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Hammond M-111 in MINT CONDITIONS

The organ looks like new.......instead it is fifty years old. Complete with bench and music sheet holder, revised and with warranty. Keyboards and sound are perfect. Very reliable instrument!!! Preamplifier is filtered, drawbars, tabs and vibrato scanner are clean. Contact us.......

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Hammond M-3 complete with bench, music sheet holder and valvular reverb.........are available various Leslie to match. Complete warranty and revision: preamplifier AO-29 filtered with new capacitors, keyboards, tabs and scanner vibrato. The generator is controlled, cleaned and oiled. Contact us if you want to see some photos......

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Hammond M-111 made in U.S.A.

Another example of Hammond M-111 with bench and music sheet holder. Elegant, in very good conditions. Under revision......You can match different types of Leslie. ..... Contact us !!!!!

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Hammond T-200

The Hammond organ T-200 is different from the other spinets Hammond ‘s house , because it has a solid state amplification (transistor). Despite we are all in love with the valvular sound of the Hammond organ, this instrument sounds very well, thanks to the classic tone generator. In this model there is a Leslie with a rotor. Also for this reason the T-200 model delights us and fascinates us.

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Hammond L-122 S

Hammond L-122, where S stands for sustain in the bass pedal keyboard. It is beautiful both aesthetically and mechanically. It is complete with pedal keyboard (you can’t see in the photo because it’s under revision), but there isn’t the bench. The keyboards are reconditioned, accurate and very stable. The instrument is very silent and its inside conditions are optimal.

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Unique and rare. Wonderful M-102 white and portable. Every part is original. Transformed into portable directly from Hammond to get a practical and very functional instrument. The sound of this organ is really defined and enveloping......... Very keen of Hammond organs!!!!!!!

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Hammond L122S

Of English manufacture. The model L-122 S, has also the sustain in the bass’ pedal keyboard. This is a great organ whit a low cost, so you can have a real Hammond organ at home, with tone and valvular generator Revised and guaranteed 12 months

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Are available a variety of spinets : models M, L, E and others. Contact us for specific features. Prices starting from € 1.000,00

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Hammond T-222

Hammond T-222 is in aesthetic average conditions, but revised and guaranteed for one year. It is a great solution for those who want to have in their home a real Hammond with sound wheel , spending a small amount.....

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Hammond L-122

Hammond L- 122 , nice sound. If you don’t mind the aesthetics, this is a great opportunity for this high quality and low price spinet, because the cabinet is original vintage. We deliver the instrument revised and a one year warranty.

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Farfisa Compact Deluxe

In very good conditions, is also complete with its original amplifier.......Don’t hesitate to contact us!!!!!!!!

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Very beautiful, from every point of you. Kept in good conditions. Do you want to match a Leslie? No problem...There are many models available to choose from. Contact us for information and prices.

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